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Starry Nights and City Lights, or at least, the chorus of it. I’m not sure what to do for the rest! I’ll probably be up all night looking up songwriting tips to see what to do for the rest of the song.

The chorus does have lyrics to go along with it, but only a select few people know them :p I’d sing it if i had ANY VOICE TALENT AT ALL but I don’t so oh well~

You know, some day I hope to make an album and have it named Starry Nights and City Lights. That’d be pretty freaking cool, I think.

i just watched someone majestically ascend into tumblr fame

it was horrible

People are liking that 8-bit menu song I made

i wrote down another nightmare

ignore this please, i just need to put it out there to feel a bit better o:

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If you find any of my drawings PLEASE just tell me, it’s really important I want them back for a lot of stupid reasons but please help me okay kids???? this rotten ghost is worried uU

Everyone who was following Rotten-tears:

Their blog was just deleted for some reason. I know I got some followers from them, so if you guys could please refollow them? The URL is back up and it’s the same, so just follow rotten-tears


ah yes this will do just fine


ah yes this will do just fine

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Guess what song I’m doing a cover of!

It’s still very much WIP, but I wanted to upload this to show that I’m not being overly lazy.

I might have it done by tomorrow, or maybe a few days from now. Sequencing a voice is super difficult. ;~;

eDIT: I forgot a drum track. Fixed it.

Original by Imagine Dragons.

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Inspired by LoZ: OOT and my Twin. Love you twin <3

(i know the gif is from majora’s mask shhhhhhhh)

Second song, and it seems I’m much worse at slow songs. I was going for a sleepy/zelda-y/ghost-y song, and it just kinda sounds like kajsdbfkjahdfkjh

i’ll try again some other time

Edit: Holy crap I messed up the rhythm for the bassline. friiiiiiiiiick. I fixed it already though.