okay here you go a first draft of the song

like i said i’m going to change a few things, namely:

- gonna make the harmony go on longer

- make the melody come in later

- add a smooth bassline later in the song

- of course the entire song is gonna be much longer, i just wanted to fit the parts that i already had made into one little sample so you could hear it

so there you go

Songs I Can Play on my Viola

(that i learned by ear anyways)

Imagine Dragons- Radioactive

Imagine Dragons- Amsterdam

Jeopardy theme I guess? not hard

The Hush Sound- That’s Okay

Super Mario Bros.- Overworld Theme

that really annoying bassline

Pirates of the Caribbean- idk the main theme I guess

Mortal Kombat- Mortal Kombat (lol)

Europe: The Final Countdown

there’s more i just know it, gotta keep updating the list

to do:

you really gotta learn the Super Mario World ending theme bro